I live by my philosophy. Oneness

One world, one girl, one connection. My needs are simple; my aspirations are great. By that, I mean that I feel no inclination for materialism - I spend little on clothing and trivial things. I eat very simply most of the time -- though I enjoy trying new things and exploring the vegan culinary scene. Mostly though, I invest my time and resources on experience. I dedicate what I have to live and let live. I travel the world and try to see what I can do to help it. I would like to leave every place just a little bit better than when I arrived. 

This blog is all about REAL. I would rather have a real experiences living in a crumbling flat in industrial Vietnam with 4 locals than a 5-star hotel at some isolated beach resort, cut off from the rest of the world. Don't worry - I will update the blog section of this site to share with you my many 'colourful' experiences - and the many unusual living situations I have undertaken this year - as well as budgeting tips, what-to-do's (and what not-to-do's!), vegan eats and more. Check out my Instagram and YouTube channels for more of that.
I will provide you with information on how to be a conscious consumer, and with links to products that are fair trade, ethically-made and have a story. You can take part in the various social and humanitarian projects I run, and be part of the global movement I am creating; dedicated to connection, empowerment and openness. These experiences are REAL. Sometimes they are raw and unglamorous, but they are filled with more life than an eternity of ingenuity.