my story 

If you haven't read My Story, I highly recommend you do. Going HIGH CARB low fat vegan changed my life. Not only do I have the energy to live life to its full capacity - and yes, people comment on it all the time, I am constantly bouncing off the walls - but I live without fear of food. I eat as much as I want whenever I want, and it's a wonderfully freeing thing. Going high carb low fat vegan is truly the only way in which you can live without restriction. If you are eating animal products, it is a fact that you must restrict to maintain a good physique.


High carb plant based lifestyle 

A high carb plant based lifestyle is the common thread to all the societies who have the longest lifespans in the world, and it is the only diet that has ever reversed heart disease in human history. It is our natural, biological diet. People often lout 'survival of the fittest' as an excuse to eat animal flesh - but we in our natural state are certainly not the 'fittest'. We are degenerating as a species. Why, if we are so evolved and highly intelligent, do we continue to partake -- not only in practices that destroy the planet, our only home to live on, and destroy each other in egotistical fits of one-upmanship -- but in a daily practice that is making us sick, facilitating starvation on a mass scale, utilizing resources in the most inefficient fashion and clouding our perception of moral judgment by disengaging our conscious minds from the reality of 80 billion animals being slaughtered every single year for the benefit of a few. It seems pretty 'uncivilised' to me - and isn't that what evolution is about? Didn't we 'evolve' into higher beings because we started to focus less on immediate gratification and more on what was good for the community as a whole? Because we developed the capacity to understand time in a more prudent manner? We began our process of evolution by moving away from Barbaric practices and gravitating towards holistic understandings of the world in which we live.


It seems to me that veganism is the next step for mankind. Evolution is about change and adapting to new concepts that ensure survival and expansion. The diets we consume today are degenerative and sterilizing. And as always with evolution, those who cannot adapt...well, sadly, they die out.

Reasons to go vegan, animal holocaust

You, my dear readers, are presented with a choice: You can choose to join the ranks of conscious, engaged individuals who actively eschew exploitation -- even when it is kept away from our sensitive eyes -- or you can swallow the blue pill and remain as part of the few, of whom they'll speak in the future as we do today of the Nazis, the Klan, the Crusaders, saying "how could they let that happen? What barbarism". Because remember, in no genocide in history were the victims considered equal, worthy of our compassion or as highly evolved as their killers.


Here are some resources that you might find useful, especially for the scientists and data analysts of you!

recommended books 

These books are incredibly useful, especially if you're someone who needs scientific evidence to fully believe in something. These books address the fact that a lot of conventional knowledge we have surrounding diet and health is manipulated and influenced by vested interests. If the anecdotal evidence is not enough for you (and there is plenty, from everyone who tries this lifestyle - the rates of people reverting back from a high carb diet are far, FAR fewer than that of almost any other 'diet' - paleo, low carb, low calorie, high fat/high protein), then these are for you!

You can find them in any bookstore, but you could also certainly find them on any ebook site/app, such as kindle or

RECOMMENDED Documentaries & Videos

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